About Us!

Hello There,

We are Top Hat Photography, a friendly Photography Company. However, we are not just a company, we are a community. We take pride in our work to every final detail. All our staff from Admin to Organizers to Photographers all love what they do! That’s why they do it minimal pay. That is right our workers do their job minimal pay to get the best price for you!

We even have volunteers! Now that shows how much we love our jobs.

Meet The Team!

 Jayden – Hi there, I am the CEO of Top Hat Photography. I made this company purely based on my love of photography soon realizing i can help others find it within them. So I created the mission to find everyone’s creative side  as well as achieving my dream!

It all started when i was 7 years old when i loved to hold the camera and not be in front of it! I decided when i was 12 to create an instagram account purely on photography. However, this didn’t work out as i wanted a personal one too. This is when i decided to create an instagram just for my hobby. This wasn’t going to be anything like @jaydensphotography oh no! I wanted a name, thats where Top Hat Photography comes from. I am proud to share my company, or family with you! Find my profile here

Rachel-  Hi there! First of all I LOVE photography. One of the reasons is that it is a great way of learning new skills for the future! Using Jayden’s organization, it has helped me learn new skills every day and I am happy I can see myself getting better and better because of this fantastic resource Jayden has founded. I have learnt a lot more skills since day one, with the help from a good friend jayden of course!

From my mums camcorder to my camera, I love to work behind the camera! Find my profile here

Amelia- Hi I have been interested in photography for about a 2 years it all started when I started to take photos of random things around the house and edit them my favourite part about it is that you can be really creative and  take photos and edit anything you want top hat photography has helped me by finding different angles and techniques to take photos all in all I love photography because you can really express your personality in a photo and also finding out new angles and skills everyday. Find my profile here

Anna- Hi my names Anna  Whyte I have a real passion for photography I love taking photos. Find my profile here

What We Offer?

We offer bespoke and priced sessions so contact us today to find out more!