Life Through The Lens

Today we talk about more than photography?

Hey Guys, I have been thing about a ton lately and just want to write it all so my ideas are there.

Top Hat?

I have been thinking of having one company called Top Hat and having departments, photography being one of them. It has been a dream of mine to start a department business as well as start a movement. All my ideas are below.


We already have THP you’ll know what it is.


I love certain books and have read amazing books that don’t get the attention they deserve so, this is an option.


Resources for the teachers in bulk, I love creating PPT etc. and this will be amazing.


A lot of people cannot find the right agency, I’ thinking more model/acting genre however we will be able to do anyone from a singer to a YouTuber.


A lot of people cannot find jobs so with this they get trained in all departments to find their skill and at the end we choose if we keep them or recommend them to someone else.


With this we can go to events, news outbreaks and much much more. But the main thing I would be excited about is my small town having a radio station!


That all hope you like it.

Many Thanks,

-Jayden, CEO


Author: Top Hat Services

We are a community trying to start a movement.

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