Life Through The Lens #2 (incorporating school into THP)

In this post we talk about how my team and I incorporate school with Top Hat Photography, We talk about cinematography and more.

Hey Guys,

Someone at my school, if you didn’t know i’m in school, asked me how does your ‘company’ fit in with school? and Does school get in the way? 

How does your ‘company’ fit in with school?

The answer is simple, I walk to school every day, so does most of my team, as of this we come across a lot of nature which is our main theme. So we have tons of opportunity walking to school. However, one of our team is in a wheelchair so they go out and take pictures on the weekend and sometimes I tag along.

I also do take photos within school on my phone, most of my photography you find on @tophatphotography_ (our Instagram) are phone photography as it is faster to get content out to you. When I take photos in school I hate to be near anyone, or anyone to see, this is because everyone today is so judgmental but I am coming over this fear very quickly.

Does school get in the way?

The answer is yes and no, this is because it creates the opportunities when I’m walking to school, break and lunch. But when I am in class and see two birds or something that will be crowded at break and lunch i feel school gets in the way as I am not aloud to whip my phone out to get a shot.


This week a colleague and I  went out to shoot some cinematography for a school project, we were producing a music video. I was the Director, 2nd Camera Operator and Main Actor. She was 2nd Director and 1st Camera Operator. We still have more to film and when it is done edited and polished I will do and extensive review on cinematography.

Competition Soon!

Be on the look out on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as we have a competition coming out very soon. The winning prize is a copy of the photo and a LTTL blog post dedicated to them, Runner up gets a copy of the photo and a mention in the next LTTL.

What To Guest Blog?

If you want to guest blog email me on the contact page so we can talk ideas or alternatively message the Admin Team on Facebook.


  • Thank you for reading, we are doing local free advertising at the moment so contact me here if your interested. Many Thanks,

Jayden – CEO


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