Our Tips For You #1

Phone Photography, Getting It Out There and More!

Good-a-day fellow readers,

Today we are exploring some areas to help you out with your photography, Enjoy!

Phone Photography

Phone photography is all about getting used to your phones interface to understand it’s full potential. I prefer Android to Apple when it comes to phone photography as it has the ability to expand to the features you need. For example, I can zoom, filter, sfx and more all in one without pushing capture and editing it in an app/ software.

Apple is still amazing though! Especially the IPhone 7 Plus, this is because it has the feature of portrait. I will add an example below, However it isn’t my photo so credited.

Image result for iphone portrait mode 7 plus
– http://www.digitalartsonline.co.uk –

You can see there is an amazing difference with the portrait mode.


Getting Your Work out There! 

To get your work out there you really just need to start off with word of mouth. I created an Instagram and used appropriate #-tags as well as word of mouth. So between the two you will be able to get an okay sized audience.

Also graphics is key, I use Photoshop etc. Here are a few below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

so get to know the industry, use YouTube to learn graphics ans wallah! You will be recognized in no time!

Our Top 5 Of The Post

  1. Phone Photography
    1. Clean The Lens.
    2. Set The Focus.
    3. Adjust Exposure Manually.
    4. 7 Hidden iPhone Camera Features.
    5. Don’t Use The Zoom. …
    6. Keep Your Camera Steady.
    7. Use The Rule Of Thirds.
    8. Use Leading Lines.
  2. Getting Out There!
    1. Create a Portfolio
    2. Graphics
    3. Word Of Mouth
    4. Social Media
    5. Website
  3. How To Clean A Camera
      1. Cleaning swabs that are lint free and designed for your camera’s specific sensor size.
      2. Camera sensor cleaning solution.
      3. Hand/bulb air blower.
      4. Torch or head lamp to see inside the camera and inspect the body.
      5. Sensor loupe – this is a great cheap item that is a magnifier with LED lights allowing you to clearly and easily see the sensor and inspect for dust and dirt.Items you need:
      6. How to clean your sensor
      7. Find an area that is as free of dust and wind as possible.
      8. With a full battery and no lens on your camera, look for the menu option to manually clean your camera. Check your manual if you can’t find this option.
      9. When you select this mode, you will hear the mirror lock back and reveal the sensor. Note that you just need to power off your camera to release the mirror back to its usual place in front of the camera.
      10. Holding the camera upside down so the LCD screen is facing the ceiling, use the manual air blower to blow air into the camera onto the sensor. Be extremely careful NOT to touch the sensor with the tip of the blower. Best practice is not to put the tip of the blower inside the camera at all. Again do not use compressed air.
      11. After a few blasts of air, turn off the camera and replace the lens. You should take another test shot (as above) to see if this has removed the dust or dirt that was on the sensor. If it has then there is no need to take any further steps. If it remains, then you will likely need to proceed to a ‘wet’ clean of the sensor

Thank You,

Jayden – CEO



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