Seeking Through The Eyes Of Our Guest – Scott

May 14, 2017

Greetings Top Hat Photography Readers,

Hello my name is Scott and one of the administrators of Top Hat Photography asked me to be a guest correspondent. A little bit about me is that I am from the USA…

May 14, 2017

Greetings Top Hat Photography Readers,

Hello my name is Scott and one of the administrators of Top Hat Photography asked me to be a guest correspondent. A little bit about me is that I am from the USA and taught Geography in England. Life Through The Lens is the current focus and from this opening post, I hope that you will find it to be informative and make you think about things in a different viewpoint. The fast paced world we live in can be a challenging one and schedules always being made for plans. Plans to hang out with people, plans for work, plans for pleasure, plans… plans… plans… but what happens when such plans are abruptly changed forever? My students I would say had their plans changed when terminal illness was taking hold on my mother and I had to leave my teacher post in England and leave for home back in the USA. July 2015 arrived and ruined everything when I lost my mother and life unraveled as all of the raw emotions hit. No one would hire me as a teacher because of this as interviewers told this to me in America. But as I stated before, I think about my students on and off weekly.

Teaching in the UK has really shaped my views of the European way of life. Every day my students would run up to me and greet me and the attitude of them changed for the better as I made school a fun place to be. You can say it is my American training and American attitude. Having that positive “GOOD MORNING!” or “HAPPY WEATHER CONDITIONS WEDNESDAY!” started making a difference. The high schoolers and I would come up catch phrases for each day and I took the time to truly listen to them. “Sir what do you watch on the telly?” “Who is your favorite UK musician?” Not One Direction either! LOL. I cannot speak for the entire UK education system but from my point of view and experiences, it is a system designed to treat pupils as if they are adults my age. Proof came from a mapping lesson and I watched year eights struggle when their teacher handed them a map and said “now find the train station, find the post office, find the road way that leads to this city.” Take a step back for a minute and consider this question, would you really trust a young child to give you directions across the UK? Seeing this made me make appropriate lessons for my students while following the National Curriculum and Schemes of Work (units for sets of lessons and curriculum themes).  Giving students something to be optimistic for should be a common goal.

The European way of life has so much to offer. The huge benefit is that each subject from arts to science to apprenticeships to vocational training all has merit and value. The USA only values certain subjects but not the UK. Europe is your playground for employment, adventure, romance, and the dreamers can make it a reality if you are fortunate to live on the continent or in the UK. My view on the European Union (EU) will have to be in a different post which may challenge emotions but it also may surprise you. From my eyes, the nations in Europe are all neighbors and a whopping 500 million citizens call Europe home. While teaching my awesome students I made my own philosophy of “I work to travel” a priority because the opportunities to explore were affordable for me while living in the UK compared to being at home in the USA.

I thank you for reading my opening post and look forward to being a contributing correspondent. My opening advice to all the readers is to always seize the moment and do not let it pass by. The opportunity presented itself to you for a reason.

It’s Mother’s Day in the USA today but I wish all mum’s a Happy Mother’s Day.



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